Friday, October 26, 2012

Nexus 7 Android NFC Hack

Watch out! That NFC antenna built into your Nexus 7 tablet and other model phones is vulnerable to attack. Basically NFC provides a way into the rest of the device. Originally NFC was built to be a system of data transfer that requires two devices with NFC antennas to be within one inch of each other. NFC allows people to move data like photos, music, and whatever else you like without the need of wires or even a wireless network. NFC was designed to only work at close distances similar to and even closer than bluetooth. Just like bluetooth, our friendly hackers have found ways to connect to active NFC antennas at distance. What does this mean for  you? Unless you are actively using NFC turn that antenna off. Short of being off one other safety feature is built in. When the lock screen is on NFC is designed to be disabled. But who knows how long that will be effective if someone has has not already broken through that. Darren over at Hak5 covers the NFC vulnerabilities.

Hak5 NFC Hack

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